―- Literally Everyone
Elmo Hitler
"Ok Daddy"
Vital statistics
Position Dumbass
Age 7 or less
Status Leading the 3rd Reich of Sesame Street
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Yo mama joke type weight


Karoler is a pathetic 7 year old autistic faggot addicted to the cancer-ridden shitstain that is GoAnimate!. As of February 1st, Karoler has realized how pathetic GoAnimates are, and has stopped making them, even though he forced his mother to pay the $60 a month fee to buy GoAnimate! Premium.

IRC Edit

Before he got banned, you could find this loser on the IRC bugging people about the GoAnimates he spent all of his time making. When he was not making shit "movies", he could be found deactivating and making autistic alt accounts. Somehow he got a page here, most likely by begging. He is so incredibly dissatisfied with this page that he begs other users to rewrite it for him.

Karoler also posted "quality" artwork to his deviantart account and acts like people actually gave a shit, he also is obsessed with rick and morty, and obsesses over the show on both his DA and on the irc as if anybody cared.

He later got banned from the IRC by posting gore and data URIs (that excessive gibberish spam) instead of URLs. He got butthurt due to this and created his own special snowflake IRC channel #karoirc.


Anti-Karoler PSA by Cupur

Contributions Edit

When he is not pissing people off in the IRC he can be found making shit-tier shit posts on Riff-Raff. Aside from that he also deactivates and makes a new account like every month.

A better tomorrow Edit

Karoler committed Seppuku by deactivating his account and asked a mod that was on his dumb channel at the time to be his Kaishakunin and literally spam ban him.

This hopefully means that he will never return to the site ever again.

Other Names Edit

  • Karoler Returns (Deactivated)
  • Karoler Returns' Returns
  • SonicInflationBabesXD

Trivia Edit

  • Wanted to edit this page but he can't because he would get banned
  • Has a DeviantART page under the name of "SonicInflationBabe" to show that he likes inflation.
  • Deactivated and got spam banned via request.

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