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"and a ching chong nip nong to u"
―Drpepperfan on the IRC (taken out of context)
DPF's face when he's ready to jack off, which is never.
Vital statistics
Position Database Moderator
Age like 40
Status yuri
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight 600 lb.


Drpepperfan is a KYM's hooker with a heart of gold. That is if the hooker was a 600 pound Geordie who bleeds manga. Like all Geordies, he worships his queen Cheryl Cole and has a shrine to her in his bedroom. Even though he hangs out in the dark recesses of KYM IRC he still has a sense of right and wrong. Thus, he is a huge homo with no sense of humour.


He used to be a moderator at, but they realized he was a lout and demodded him. This is the same reason he is still a mod on KnowYourMeme.

Place of residence Edit

DPF is a known geordie. He lives in one of the shittiest parts of England.

Quotes Edit

"I love dicks. love em"
―DPF, showing his love for other Brits
"bein a weeb is all there is in life. i pity those in the world who aren't ;("
―Drpepperfan, showing more pride then a 'murican of his weeabooness
"id suck a dick for some bacon rite now"
―The hunger never ceases to grow on DPF

Other names Edit

  • DPF
  • DPFyuri (IRC nick)

Facts Edit

  • A proud waifufag, DPF will defend his fictional wife with his badass moderator p0w4zs
  • DPF lurks the IRC saying pointless shit once every 3 hours. Despite this he is no real problem as he is the sin of sloth personified because he does jack shit. When he does do things, he simply spams the IRC with messages about fighting games with his fuckbuddy Patrick-_-.
  • He seemed to always be hungry, complementing his (theoretical) fat nature. Instead of solving his own problems, he often whines on IRC on what to do.

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