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Despite his name, Drpepperfan has been known to enjoy the refreshing taste of Pepsi, or what some call "Urethral Leekage".

Drpepperfan is a mod for some reason, despite being one of the biggest faggots on Earth. He used to work on entries, but now all he does is sit in the IRC and talk about tentacle rape hentai doujins and Kanye West. His favorite characters are Trixie, Vriska, and Osaka, and if he could he would totally have an orgy with them; sadly for him however, even a group of imaginary retards won't get near his deformed and just plain mangled meat rod.

He is from JOLLY OL' ENGLAND MATE, and thus cannot tell time. Every so often, he will stop talking in Chat and listen for the bongs of Big Ben. He has terrible teeth, and worships Doctor Who just like the rest of his people. When he dies, they will bury him by pushing him into a grave with a giant Monty Python foot, then guests will reenact Benny Hill.

Like all mods on KYM, DPF worships Nicolas Cage.