"op me i am don"
―memelover, aka Don.
Don Caldwell
Vital statistics
Position Admin
Age 33 (Born 30th May 1982)
Status Actively memeing on people
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?


Don is a memeber of the KYM staff and fan of shitty advice animals from reddit.


In the early summer of 2014, IRC users began to notice that Don was getting hate from commenters for simply doing his job. In an effort to commiserate for him, they made him the center of their new injoke “Meme Don”, unaware what this monstrosity would become.

Now, this injoke was originally intended to stay only in the cesspool known as Riff-Raff (as this is where all the site’s sewage goes). But commenters, attracted to the lack of any creativity or humor in the joke, adapted it as their own, and spilled it onto the rest of KYM. They began jerking themselves by making shitty images to commemorate it, up to the point where some idiot decided to make an entry on Don himself.

As with every injoke that KnowYourMeme has spawned, Meme Don became a massive circlejerk until users started realizing how cringeworthy it was.

Undoubtedly, this process will repeat itself. We can only hope that the next le epic injoke won't be as bad as this one.


  • If there's a advice animal, Don has fucked it and made an entry on it.
  • Don is a confirmed Mememosexual.
  • Don's full name is Don Imagè Màcro.
  • He made the Shadbase entry and that's obviously a big deal.


Fap fuel for any KYM user.

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