A typical avatar of Disturbed B.

Disturbed B is a user on KYM who is constantly changing his avatar and username. The B in his username is constantly changed, always to a word starting with the letter B. Upon altering his username, he continues to change his avatar to whatever the B word was with the flames of undying burning in the background.

He also runs a shitty thread that lets the community choose what the B will change to, much like the forever burning flams of his avatar, this thread seems to continue to live on, long after the point where it stopped being funny. One notable fact about Disturbed B is that he was the creator of the infamous The Big Blue. Legend has it, when Disturbed B first created his account, he caught a glimpse of the body pillow in the future, and he chose said name to remind his future self not to bring life to the monstrosity, to prevent the disturbance of peace all around the world... It didn't work.