"im not a furry tho"
―Chris, multiple times
Another furry avatar, how great...
Vital statistics
Position No longer a Database Mod
Age  ???
Status "QT-est" in the IRC
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight probably fat

About Edit

Ferin is a cancerous combination of a furry and weeaboo mod on KnowYourMeme. He used to be a somewhat useful moderator, until he deactivated for a full ten months, in that time becoming a lazy shit.

Since his return, he has spent almost all of his time in the IRC, spouting clichés and horrible injokes.

In reality, Ferin is a piece of hipster trash who has nothing better to do than bug people on the KYM chat and jack off to furry porn.

Suspendgate Edit

On March 3rd, 2016, Ferin gave his login name and password to Scarfolk so he (Scarfolk) could do God-knows-what and decided to suspend Epyc_Wyn for the lulz.

Other names Edit

  • Chris
  • PimpAbra (IRC nick)
  • Sluttyshota (also IRC nick)


  • His entire vocabulary consists of the phrases ">mfw brones" and "yiff yiff"
  • He constantly has rough sex with his fellow furry moderator, MrWolfy.
  • His love for gay anime shotas is almost equatable to that of Twenty-One's. Almost.
  • He has the worst taste in music on the site (which is already an incredible achievement of its own) normally found worshiping shitty rappers like Trinidad James and Migos.
  • Despite being a furry, Chris/Ferin/Pimpabra will always deny this.
  • Several IRC users often praise him as "the qt-est in the IRC".
  • Became a fucktard by giving Scarfolk his login name and password for his account.
  • Due to him lending Scarfolk his account, he is no longer a Database moderator.

External Links Edit

KYM Profile

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