Cecaelia Girlie
(Drawn by Muumi)
Vital statistics
Position Middle Schooler
Age 4 and 3 quarters
Status Roleplaying with RandomMan
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???

About Edit

Cecaelia Girlie is KYM's resident lesbo monstergirl-fucker and shit-shitposter. Beware of her growing white knight army.

She is around 12 years old. Seriously

History Edit

It was a normal day on the KYM forum. KYM users were having fun making lulzworthy shitposts, and Verbose couldn't have that. He was in the middle of his usual 5,000-word complaint when he heard a crash.

Behind him stood a morbidly obese man. Mountain Dew and Hot Pocket crumbs dripped from his triple chin, and the sniper rifle he held was caked in Doritos dust. It could only be one man.

"Captain Blubber!" Verbose yelled. "What are you doing in my house?"

Blubber gave a basally, high-pitched chuckle. "You're first on my list. Next is Harshwinny, and then's 21." He dramatically cocked the sniper rifle.

Verbose paled. "You- you can't just kill me! Everyone on KYM will know what you've done when a new Riff-Raff thread gets posted and I don't complain about it!"

"Kill you?" Blubber said. "No... not yet. You have to live, for now. It's all part of the plan."

He raised up the rifle and brought it down on Verbose's head.


A man woke up in a room he could only assume was his. He couldn't remember a thing, save for indignant fury at the prospect of people having fun. That would never go away.

He stood up and glanced at the computer nearby. A site was pulled up on the screen called "Know Your Meme." It was horrifying and disgusting, but at the same time, the man couldn't look away. Unconsciously, his hand drifted towards the "Sign Up" button, and he began to fill in the username field:


Contributions and Achievements Edit

Cecaelia spends most of her time on KYM posting (bad) shitposts in Riff-Raff. If she manages to make a decent shitpost, she will happily celebrate and act as if the next thread she will make is going to be even better. Thankfully, it never is and never will be.

When she isn't funposting she can be found conversing with her many stalkers. Creepy stalkers, in fact, considering how she's around 12 years old.

Quotes Edit



―Fitting, considering how she is Verbose incarnate[[src]]

Other Names/Nicknames Edit

  • Girlie
  • Verbose

Fun Facts Edit

  • It is possible that she will replace Particle Mare as KYM's most followed female users.
  • She is roleplaying buddies with RandomMan.
  • Her greatest dream is to cuddle with a kraken. It's unknown if by "cuddle" she means tentacle rape.