"i may be an irresponsible mod, but i am a very responsible gay lover."
Captain Blubber


Captain Blubber
Vital statistics
Position Lord of the Flies
Age Twenty-something
Status On the verge of no-longer being a Database Mod
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Memebase is a 20 year old Canadian manchild best known for being a Database Mod at Know Your Meme. He used to have the name of "Captain Blubber" because he gets a boner for the shitty game series known as Banjo Kazooie, and one of the characters, a fat hippo that thinks he is a pirate, who is called Captain Blubber. At the moment Blubber discovered this character, he knew it reflected what he truly is. He additionally serves as Tikibar management, but no one really cares about that. In his free time, Captain Blubber plays Pokemon: Snap on the N64 in attempt to rekindle his childhood memories where he didn't have to water flowers for a living.

Recently he was fired from his job as a gardener (I can't imagine why), and after searching for a job, was hired at a ToysRus. He spends his time there arguing with 6 year-old girls about My Little Pony.

Know Your Meme (2009-present)Edit


Blubber IRL. Presumably (close enough).

Memebase Cheezburger joined Know Your Meme in 2009 (as Captain Blubber), which by today's standards earns the title of an oldfag. After joining the website, it didn't take long for the higher ups to recognize Blubber's quick-witted humor and toddler-like antics (they desperately needed help if they hired Blubber). Captain Blubber was included in the first generation of appointed mods on the site, among other users such as Mellow (forum moderator) and Tomberry (entry moderator). However, unlike Mellow and Tomberry, Blubber would be the first "Database" moderator, granting him powers on the forums and entries.

Today, Blubber somehow remains a regular on Know Your Meme community. He currently is on a conquest to rid of the Brony Empire on Know Your Meme. Probably just because he wants to salvage the memories he had of the early Know Your Meme, an adolescent period where he first discovered women.

Trivia Edit

  • His username is currently "Memebase" due to the fact he needed a username that was even shittier than the last one.
  • Due to him being a lazy fuck as a Database Moderator, other moderators that are actually active are currently discussing a de-mod for him.

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