Autism at its finest.
Vital statistics
Position Calculator
Age Not what his maturity level is
Status Having sexual intercorse with a TI-84
Physical attributes
Height 12 cm
Weight 6 grams


Calculator_Fetishist was KYM's first ever calculator fucker and is your average shitposter. He is commonly seen making comments that have to do with calculators on every image and entry he can.


After joining on April 1st of 2016, he decided that it would be nice to be a total shitbag and start his calculator posting in full force. He started to receive attention two days later on April 3rd when an Undertale RPer asked if the shittyness would continue and this was when started to gain notoriety.


Made it possible to complain about him on Riff-Raff and get free guaranteed karma. See also: Epyc Wyn.

Calculator_Fetishist as he is today Edit

Today he has gained enough notoriety to have a shitty KYMT page about him, go figure.