Ann Hiro
Vital statistics
Position Faggot/Brand New Member
Age 9
Status Dead or alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'8"
Weight 89 lbs
Born a bastard child of Carrot Top, he was dropped off by his mistress Sarah Jessica Parker at an orphanage for mentally impaired children in 2010 at the ripe age of four. After several unfruitful attempts at learning how to read and write in English, he joined the KYM forums under the handle xXxdopeGlockheadshot420xXx.

Posting Edit

As Ann barely understands the English language, he does not post legible comments, much the like many others who frequented the JFF section before The Great Schism.

Ann Hiro is currently running a Drawing Thread, in which he uses his feces and dickcheese-encrusted Mario Paint tablet. Ann Hiro has a habit of playing with shapes, as his psychiatrist recommended this for steady developmental growth. It has not worked.

Achievements Edit

None, as he is seven years old and retarded.

He has a plethora of avatars that usually have homoerotic and/or egotistical natures. He thoroughly enjoys viewing and partaking in the act of oral sex on men, a trait which has made him very popular amongst the other male members of his orphanage, as well has many of his town's homeless.

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