""I don’t care if your name has to do with trolling, this is serious business here. I will not tolerate that." "
Adam Deland, to some roudy Riff-Raff punks
Adam DeLand
Vital statistics
Position Brone Hunter
Age 25
Status Drownin' in da pussi
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Ever wake up in the middle of night, and wonder what things could have been? Well you are just imagining what Adam Deland's life is right now. He is the alt account of Epyc Wynn. Fuelled by the power of Aquarius, he dominates the KYM forums and comment section.

His favorite pokemon is Eevee, because he is versatile like Deland himself. For instance, Eevee's dark evolution is Umbreon and Adam's dark alter ego is Heath Ledesma.

Adam has spent half a decade on KYM and has constantly turned down ownership of the site. He has gone on the record as saying "I'm too busy fucking girls into pleasure blindness atop camels to own this faggy site for fags."

His hero is Adam Lambert and he has been known to put on make up to resemble him for Halloween, costume parties and nights his parents don't come home until late.

Adam Deland is an ally to the furry community despite NOT being a furry and NOT masturbating to furry porn and NOT stealing the school's mascot and tenderly fucking it in the janitor closet. Go West Ottawa Panthers btw.

Adam has never in his life seen a vagina... that he didn't like.